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4 Freelancing Tips For Artists

Get Clients & Sell Art Commissions

The freelance lifestyle is swell. You can pick your own projects, choose your own hours and be your own boss. It's the artist's dream.

There's a couple draw backs though, the main one being that you never know where your next pay check is coming from, nor when that next dry spell's gonna hit.

Getting contract work and commissions is often hit and miss, and most opportunities seem few and far between. Not a super big deal for the artist drawing up a storm in his mothers basement. 

For those with bills to pay and mouths to feed however, living the freelance life style is a major gamble.

That is unless you can get clients coming in on a regular basis.

So in this video I'll give you 4 tips that'll help you get your freelance career up and running, with regular commissions and clients that pay you a decent rate to do what you do best - create art. 

Here are some of the main points I've covered:

1. How to create a winning portfolio that attracts clients
2. How to accurately price your art
3. Where to find client work and get art commissions
4. How to forge a powerful network of clients and solid reputation

At minimum this should give you a good place to start if you're someone who wants find work as a freelancer or simply sell your artistic services to clients who come directly to you.

Read the article here:

I sincerely hope this helps you get some more commissions coming in. If you find the info I've shared in this post helpful, your other art pals might also. So don't forget to pass it along to them too. They'll be thankful you did, and so will I.

Thanks for watching, and best for luck!

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